VEGAN CHICKPEA EGGSThese vegan chickpea eggs are a great substitute for anyone on a plant-based or vegan diet. Vegan chickpea eggs are high in protein and can be paired with potatoes, cilantro, tomato, and zucchini bacon for a breakfast taco or add tomato, arugula to a buckwheat bun for a breakfast sandwich. They are a great addition to your breakfast menu and can easily be modified for an alkaline vegan diet.
ZUCCHINI BACONZucchini bacon is a great additional to your plant-based breakfast menu. You can place it on your breakfast sandwiches, burgers, or in your tacos.
LENTIL BURGER PATTIESThis week, I packed lentil burgers to take on the road with me. I added caramelized shallots, smoked cashew cheese, arugula, spinach, and tomato on an Ezekiel bun.